Merging Car Culture Into Pop Culture


What is Carbuzzzn?

It?s what gets you buzzzn – the automobile obsession at it?s finest, it is thousands of moving parts all moving together as one on purpose for a purpose into the right direction. It?s everything – it?s the good stuff in life.

It cuts through the junk and brings the best parts of the industry together.

What do you like about Carbuzzzn?

Buzzzn is the energy and the passion. To think when Carbuzzzn was born, it was about somebody who is obsessed over every aspect of a car. They?ve had sleepless nights and put their complete passion and their heart and soul into building this car. Whether that’s the cup holder, the paint, the interior, the motor – it?s someone?s dream. And we?re just as excited about it as they are.

Why do you buzzz so much?

Well initially this relationship started off that catalyst. Everyone has that certain something in them that really excites them. One true passion. It can start in childhood, or later on in life, but there?s always something so excitable that gets you up and about!

We never really grow out of it ? it doesn’t matter what we are going to do when it comes to an adult side of things your choices get more expensive.

Fundamentally that?s all buzzzn is – you can have a conversation with someone about a motor vehicle or someone even speaking about it, their face lights up and they get excited. It?s never running out of things to say about it, never getting tired of reading about it or watching it.

That?s buzzzn.


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The main reason why I do what I do, is ultimately, it might sounds like a selfish act – but it’s to feel good. It’s about moving forward, I’m a firm believer in the thought process of once you have achieved something, you can move onto the next thing. I want to feel good, I want to be happy because when I’m happy and I’m making other people happy then it’s a win-win.

It’s about the win-win because when I win and I’m managing people, they can then move forward to the next goal. I like to do good things for people, I like to do good things in general. Not all the time, I’m not perfect. No one actually is perfect. But when I do good and they feel good. I feel good.

It’s the excitement, it’s the energy that it brings and the opportunity that it brings to new possibilities. To keep moving, it’s all about moving forward.

So, ultimately, it’s the entire reason why I do what I do. I want to feel good.


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