Can I afford an Aston Martin from Aston Martin Queensland?

2:52 am

Paul Hewitt from Aston Martin Queensland gives you an honest answer.

Only Aston Martin doesn?t have to be an entry price point above the norm. The most expensive part of owning a car is depreciation, so how can we get around that?
Well the cost of ownership driven through us is largely focused around the walk in through pre-owned cars. Great to buy a pre-owned car, that car is likely to have been sold by us originally and maintained by us. Quite often the only means by which we get pre-owned purely through people moving from an Aston into a newer model or later model for themselves.

Depreciation for you will be minimal, maintenance and servicing on that car will be minimal, your driving pleasure in that will allow you than to never be able to walk away from the brand and we can move into younger cars through demonstrators into ultimately bespoke brand new building you something that you are aiming for in the ultimate version. That’s the walk.

Aston Martin Queensland:


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