James Staniforth tells you the REAL average AGE of Rolls Royce owners and you may be surprised

3:04 am

Have you wondered if you’re too young to buy a Rolls Royce?

Previously the vehicles have been renowned to be targeted at an older generation of elite. All that is about to change with current and future generations looking towards the luxurious vehicles as goals and inspiration.

James Staniforth says…

With most of the people that come into the dealership, they are always saying I’ve not quite got to the point where I want to buy a Rolls Royce and it’s an easy thing for me to answer. Purely and simply because most of the customers that I have been selling Rolls Royce to are in their 30?s. My youngest customer is early 30?s and I do often get quite a lot of people in their 20s looking at these cars. If you look at the average age of a Rolls Royce owner now, it actually has dropped from 53 years old to 45 and that is just astounding.
To answer anybody’s question – are you too young to own a Rolls Royce? Certainly not, Rolls Royce is now appealing to the masses and to the younger generation but that doesn?t cut out the older generation as well because they are still buying Rolls Royce too.

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