Anton De Pasquale Reflects On His First Test With The Erebus Team

4:09 pm

I had the pleasure of getting behind the wheel of the Erebus V8 Supercar at Winton yesterday. It was an awesome experience, a bit of an eye opener coming from the Super2 car, which I was driving just the day before, so I was nice and fresh ready for the test.

Had a pretty full-on day from the get-go. There were a lot of guys working around the car. Obviously, being a main series team, there’s quite a lot of race horses. Everything was available on a test day, compared to what we normally do with the Super2.

But overall, it was an amazing experience. We started the day with me sort of getting in the car, getting sort of used to how it sits, because obviously it’s not my car; I?ve never driven it before. So, it was just getting comfortable with everything, knowing how everything works. And then doing a few laps to sort of understand how the car’s working and getting used to it before we started sort of working on things for the day.

By about lunchtime, we started to test things on the car. So, they had a bit of a plan. There were things they wanted to test for their own knowledge, and then I was sort of at a time when I was fast enough and consistent enough to start testing things. So that was another eye-opening experience, just learning, expanding my knowledge on V8 Supercars.

Coming from the Super2 Car the day the before, the difference between the two is not that much in terms of how to drive the car, the technique to get a lap time out of it. But having softer tires, which are faster, and also a few other components which make the car faster. The limit is just little bit further down the road, so you brake and a little bit later, you can get a little more speed though the corners, and you also get on the throttle a little bit earlier than you would in the Super2 car, which took a little bit of adjusting to.

But, luckily enough, I was?able to have Dave Reynolds there who drives the car full time. So, he’s a man of laps, and he gave me a reference point and some data to look over and some tips to sort of guide me how to drive the car fast.

But we ended the day. I was very happy; the team was very happy. We learned a lot; I think everyone learned a lot, and just for myself going from the Super 2 into the Supercars, it was an experience which is sort of invaluable where you don’t generally compare data and things like that with a main series team driver. It’s kind of a rare occasion. So, that part of it was really good. And then I can take that knowledge into the Super2 now, and we can get some speed out of it that way also.

So, overall very happy. It was a great experience, and I was very thankful for the opportunity from the Erebus team. But now, I just have to concentrate on to Sydney Motorsport Park, which is the next round for the Super2 series. So, we’re looking forward to that, and hopefully the results keep going the way they’re going.

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