Buzzzn over these McLarens at Gold Coast’s Supercar Boulevard

12:26 pm


Hey, guys its Tiana and Josh here from Carbuzzzn and here we are today on the beautiful Gold Coast in the Supercar Boulevard. All these stunning cars we are going to show you today have been proudly supplied to us by Sunshine Automotive Gold Coast and we are standing in the beautiful Oracle Boulevard. Josh, talk us through what we are going to see today.
This is McLaren Gold Coast, these are three of the best cars that you could possibly imagine. We have James up there to give you a little run down on all the motor vehicles so let’s just have a little walk down and go up and chat with him soon.

So here we are, we?re going to have a chat with James and he?s going to give us a good run down on all of these motor vehicles. So mate, I’ve got the question for Tiana first – we?ve got yellow, black or kermit green, what is the pick for you?
-Oh look, I would normally always go black but in this case, I?m going to go the yellow. The yellow is sexy.

I think it is the fastest out of the three too so that’s a wise decision. So James, these cars here they all are 3 different ones, they all look much similar but if you get down to the finer detail they are all built for a separate purpose so whats the difference between these 3 motor vehicles mate?
-One of the biggest differences we have between these cars is the versatility of road use. Every car is a daily driver but what they?ve focused on really with the 540 is having something that somebody can commute to the office in a suit and really enjoy it. It’s very much an everyday car. As we then move up to 570, that the numbers are representative of the metric horsepower so the PS of the engine. So 540 is 540 PS, 570 is 570 PS and 650, well do you want to have a guess? Now with the 650 it is a different race bred the animal to the rest so we do have what’s called proactive chassis control and that proactive chassis control is a hydraulic system to control the aerodynamics on the car, it controls suspension and it also controls power steering. With that, you have a car that creates a lot more downforce than the rest, even though they are all running off the same engine which is a 3.8L downsize engine but it is absolutely astonishing on a race track. There is another model above this which is the 675. The 675 long tail which is very similar to this but extended in length again creating a lot more downforce. Also with the active aero brake on this, when you put your foot on the brake the rear stands up creating almost this parachute effect. With the styling of the car, we?ve got a mixture of carbon fibre, composite and aluminum panels and the reason for that is it’s all McLarens very function to get the purpose of the car. So it’s all about putting the correct things in the correct place to create an absolute animal of a car. I’ve had the pleasure of driving this on the road, on the tracks and there’s not many cars out there that scare me but this is just an absolutely frightening car and volcano yellow is just stunning.

And mate, so I’m looking at this and when you say its all about function but by default, it becomes a work of art. Like I’ve noticed with all the elite, the best of the best of the best and McLaren is right there alongside as the pinnacle. The pure function becomes the most beautiful work of art all in the same breath and I’m looking here, there is no door handle. Can you at least just show me how you open this thing?
-I can, a couple of things on the way to the door handle. See how the wing mirrors are designed here, the function of that is actually creating an extra 2% cooling to the rear radiators. So even though you look at these here, it’s forcing air through into the induction. Now as we come around here, we slide the hand underneath, we have a little button just underneath the door and we open up. The dihedral doors, it is a good show looking at these doors and it’s really good theater but there is a function that allows you to get into this section of the door. You?re not just trying to jump across so for ease of use for me being 6?3 getting into one of these cars is very very simple.

We are in the 650S, this is a McLaren motor vehicle, it is sensational. And Tiana you are now an expert in McLaren, we had a good run down by James. Can you please start this thing up and give us a little rev.
-Absolutely but first I have an important question, is yellow my colour?

Yellow is your new colour. Foot on the brake. Oh yeah, give us a little rev, come on a little bit more. Oh-oh oh, that is a beautiful motor vehicle, every single detail in here is all function, its sounds absolutely amazing. Thank you so much!


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