Carbuzzzn chat to the Aussie Bandit and crew at GC600

6:13 am

Hey everyone, here we are on the Friday on the track at the Gold Coast 600 with the Aussie Bandit car – they’re doing an exhibition on the Saturday and the Sunday and it is absolutely next level stuff that you’re going to see here!

Here we are with the owner, builder, and driver of the great Aussie bandit.

So, tell us about the motor vehicle, how did you dream this thing up?
-I first saw vehicles like this that came out from America when I was about 13/14. I always thought it would be fun to do that one day so it?s part of a dream when I was younger. I went over to America and saw the best one there and based this one on the one in the states.

That?s next level Carbuzzzn stuff! We’ve seen some pretty awesome stuff but I think this is taking the cake. So what are you going to do on Saturday and the Sunday?
-So we do exhibition runs around the track so on the straight areas we do the wheel stands so we run down the track on the back wheels and then around the corners we will do that with a bit of a fire show so we put fuel into the exhaust and light it up out the back and it does about a 3 meter high fire show. It?s pretty spectacular.

So, it?s a legit dragster as well?
-We run a quarter mile, it?s done 11-second past 150 miles an hour on the back wheels the whole way.

That is crazy! I’ve never been that fast in my life and I don’t plan to. I?m excited to hear what it sounds like when you start it up for us.


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