Carbuzzzn get radical on the Evolve Skateboards at the GC600

6:13 am

So here we are at the Gold Coast 600 with Evolve Skateboards, with Travis and Jason they were just teaching Tiana what’s up about being Carbuzzzn. Is this a car? Does it have an engine? Is it a skateboard? What are we talking about here what is this?
– Okay so our catch-cry is insanely awesome carving machines and I think that pretty much stupefies what it is. It is a long board. We do have a couple of different models but in essence it is a longboard with a couple of motors on it and a battery system which propels you at good speeds and allows you to carve on different surfaces.

So what?s faster, the off-road or on-road?
– Okay, so they?re similar. They can be personalised so if you are a snowboarder or a surfer, you can tailor it to suit your style and feel.

Awesome! What’s your most embarrassing board moment?
– One of us being new these boards are so safe and sturdy we have not yet experienced anything too embarrassing, I have fallen on my butt once or twice over the many years. Yet with how safe these boards are, embarrassing moments are kept to a minimum. Also benefits of riding other boards like snowboards or surfboards in the past has helped.

So grab one here at


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