Carbuzzzn interview the Tekno Autosports Tyre Guy ? winners of Bathurst 1000 and Gold Coast V8 team

10:33 pm

Carbuzzzn interviews the Tekno Autosports Tyre Guy! Watch to find out everything you want to know about the Bathurst 1000 winning tyres.

So what?s his responsibility? They have their practice tires ready! The greens – brand new tyres – ready to go for the race on the weekend for the GC600.

The tyres themselves are heated by the sun which is awesome and keeps it an even playing field for all the teams.

Mick says he takes on this responsibility and hard work because it?s unbelievable to be a part of this and such a great winning team. Getting to travel across the countryside doing what he loves and what he is buzzzn over is pretty lucky!

What a guy!


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