Carbuzzzn interviews Will Davidson ? Bathurst 1000 winner and GC600 V8 driver

10:31 pm

So, we are back at the Gold Coast 600! With Tekno Autosports and their man of the hour alongside Jonathan Webb – Will Davidson. We, unfortunately, didn?t get a win at the Gold Coast 600 which was disappointing following a massive win at the Bathurst 1000, but the team did amazing work regardless!

Will Davidson was feeling great after their win at Bathurst and how could he not be at the Gold Coast 600 – he was all professional though putting his race face on with that focus. He believes it?s second nature, yet there is always that .01% that is uncalculated. That goes for any race car driver in his industry!

The most rewarding experience is when he pulls off a wicked qualifying lap, he?s pumping the laps out, everything is going as well as it can and the uncontrolled lap turns into a more controlled one and you come out on top and it creates a possible win!

Everyone on the team has such a passion, such a drive for the obsession and buzzz to be on the racing team and in the racing industry. Will himself started so young, after being the fourth generation the buzzzn feeling he has for the racing industry his passion started early. Will Davidson’s grandfather, unfortunately, passed away in a racing crash but that didn?t stop his family, they carried on his legacy and continued the family love for racing.

Tiana then asked the hard hitting questions, his very first car? And his most embarrassing car moment?!
Will Davidson’s first car was a hand me down from his brother Alex, XF Ford Ute. And his most embarrassing car moment – 2013 in Townsville he won, then after doing victory donuts and he slapped the wall! How embarrassing! Poor Will Davidson haha, thanks for the time!


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