Carbuzzzn looks at the Muscle Cars at the GC600 with Gold Coast Muscle Car

10:34 pm

We have the madness of the V8?s in the background – it is absolutely next level stuff. We have Gold Coast Muscle Car here with all their vehicles. Look at this there is a Comaro, there is a GTO over there. Oh there is so many good cars – so many good motor vehicles! These are the actual vehicles that drove out all the drivers for the hot lap and the presentation.

Here we check out Will Davisons and Jonathon Webb’s car. They were sitting pretty back here.

The race is going on in the back ground and next, we interview the president of Gold Coast Muscle Car, Amanda, to introduce these awesome vehicles!

They are the largest muscle car clubs on the Gold Coast. They have cars 1979 and younger! V8s, Australian, American-made cars and much more! With so many members it’s not funny – wonderful people with such a diverse amount of cars.

Luckily they get to orchestrate the parades and drivers runs for many car shows – like the Gold Coast 600!

What?s Amanda’s favourite car?
– The Sandman Panel Van!

Epic choice!

Her most embarrassing car moment?
– I unfortunately kept grinding my gears pulling in! Lot’s of people heard and it was very embarrassing.

Ooooo what a head down moment for Amanda!


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