Carbuzzzn meet the Darell Lea Stix Grid Girls at the Gold Coast 600

3:15 am

The stunning Darell Lea Stix Grid Girls certainly caught our attention at the GC600. Who were your favourite grid girls? Comment below!

Watch the video to see the questions Carbuzzzns Tiana had for the Stix girls. She said…

Hey guys, here we are at the Gold Coast 600 and I’m with the gorgeous girls from Darrell Lea Stix, I’ve got Tara with me and Bec. So Tara tell me, how has it been today?

– Oh it’s been incredible, you can say there is a bit of a buzzz in the air. All the action that keeps going on, it’s just running through my body, it’s a bit of an adrenalin rush huh?

Yes, and Bed I can see you’re holding those closely there, the public are taking them, tell me, have you been sneaking them along the way?
– Yeah, I’ve been eating them all day haha. I’m going to grow 10 pounds after this haha.

I have to say, if you have not tried these, you must! These licorice chocolate Darell Lea Stix are amazing, we hunted the girls down just so we could grab a pile of them. But I do have to ask you the most important question of the day. What is your most embarrassing car moment?
– Not so much embarrassing, more mortifying was recently when my car got written off as I was sleeping. I woke up and someone must have smashed it. I came up and opened my eyes like “why is my car half the size that it usually is?” because it had been smashed in. So, that was that. But I have a new car now!

Oh, that’s a bonus, isn’t it? Thank you for your time today ladies! Have a great day!


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