CarBuzzzn – The Game

12:27 am

Carbuzzzn: The Game is an exciting new mobile interactive game for iPhone iOS and Android and is available now!

Navigate Carbuzzzn vehicles through a major inner city intersection in an attempt to stop a major accident!. The more cars that make it safely through, the more points you get!
You can also double your score through rapid
boosting triple-taps!

Continue to develop your dexterity and steely-eyed focus in ?Practice Mode? while also getting a chance at a free Buzzz Coin Truck if you?re good enough.

Feeling confident of your skills? Purchase Buzzzn Coins, choose a racing team and play to win AWESOME prizes in ?Game mode?.

At the end of each event, the player with the highest score in their team wins the team prize for that month.

What’s the first prize? Flights and accomodation from your closest airport, flying to the amazing Gold Coast to experience the Carbuzzzn Supercar Driving experience first hand at the Motorplex Raceway!

Carbuzzzn’s Tiana and Josh will pick you and a friend up in the Carbuzzzn Monster Truck, take you to your hotel and later to the Norwell Motorplex Raceway where you will experience driving the V8 supercars first hand!

Get in the drivers seat, strap in and prepare for some crazy traffic action!


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