Carbuzzzn welcomes you to Tekno Autosports the winner of Bathurst 1000

6:12 am

Hey everyone here we are today, with my beautiful partner Tiana. We are at Tekno Autosports, this is the home of the Tekno V8 supercar. It is fresh off a win of the Bathurst 1000. Today we are going to have a little squizz at it and get some insight into what’s going to happen next.

So as you can see behind us here, we have the head engineers and mechanics working away to make sure this car is ready for a win at the Gold Coast 600.

We are proudly sponsoring this vehicle. Carbuzzzn is putting a spotlight on the vehicle, on the team, on Tekno Autosports, the Gold Coast and the Gold Coast 600.

The Gold Coast becomes carbuzzzn at this time of year. There is nothing that excites me more than people frothing out on being carbuzzzn.

So, the next time you see us will be at the Gold Coast 600 with this beautiful motor vehicle and the whole team.


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