Carbuzzzn with Tekno Autsports ? Winner of Bathurst 1000

10:34 pm

Here we are again in front of this beautiful motor vehicle with the Tekno Autosports team, what’s you title and what do you do here? -I?m the panel technician here, make all the panels for the car and repair it when the drivers crash or whatever.

So does the car now pull apart into many pieces, like for example the front guard, do you have to bring 10 of these along or how does it work?
-So what I do is at the workshop we prep everything to go to the rounds and stuff, we have a spare set of everything in the truck. Front bars, three of them and two rear bars. They?re the ones we change the most. Then front guards there is a spare set in the container here, full set of doors, everything stickered, ready to go

How quickly can you say get say for example a bit of damage happens, have you been in have pressure situations where it is literally relying on you to get something happening quick smart so you can finish the race?
-During a race series and stuff like that if it’s out in the pit stops and things like that we will just throw a bit of race tape on it here and there just try to make it get to the finish

And we?ve been asking this question here, so what was your first car and what was your most embarrassing car moment?
-My first car was a 1275 mini club man and yeah one of my most embarrassing moments in a car.

Did you get your license first go?
-Ah I did, one of the most embarrassing things I suppose was when I moved over here from New Zealand to come to here, I actually failed my license over here for the firs time

An actual driving test?
-Yeah just the give way rules and they were so much different but now it’s all changed and yeah that was a bit embarrassing moment

Now everyone knows that embarrassing moment now
-Yeah well you know, it was just different at the time so yeah

Well thank you very much mate, appreciate your time
-My pleasure


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