Why choose Aston Martin Queensland?

8:17 am

It was what I felt when I was 5 years old standing by the side of the road when I first saw one. That moment that you don?t forget and I?m always wanting to bring that to people that have not had that experience. It’s the pinnacle brand, it’s the aspirational ownership that everybody is looking for.
For me, it’s a privilege to be able to work closely with what is a royally appointed company. We have the best products in the world, you can get to the top of automotive and that’s what we have here. But all of us that work here, are those people that want to walk through the door. So in terms of that, we embrace people who are curious, we embrace people that are enthusiasts and for those people who are celebrating their success. Quite often we use that word congratulations – welcome to Aston Martin, as it is a congratulation as there are very few people that can do this.


Aston Martin Queensland:?http://queensland.astonmartindealers.com/


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