How does it feel to drive an Aston Martin? Sunshine Automotive answers.

3:10 am

The feeling of driving your favourite car is indescribable, it leaves you buzzzn on a whole new level and we possibly can’t think of a word to describe it. Paul Hewitt tries his best to explain here… he says..

I don’t know many people that have been owners of Aston Martin, who now drive another car. There is something anonymous about not being in an Aston Martin if that makes sense. In an Aston Martin, there is a window of acceptability across all genders and all ages where the decision you have made is admired and reinforced and you feel very good about that.
It is very inward, its an inward car in that sense, we wear our labels very much on the inside as opposed to wearing labels on the outside so it’s not necessarily for other people but what comes along with the beauty, what comes along with the intelligence of the decision is this sense of pride. I think that’s the wonderful thing that we have is, we have this window of acceptability in our life where we can do and enjoy things like this.

If you have the opportunity to you should because you could, and if you could you would and you don’t want to be that person that didn’t.

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