The first Ferrari hit the road 70 YEARS ago

1:29 am
1950 Red Ferrari
1950 Ferrari looking smooth and modern for the era

So, this week, 70 long years ago. The first Ferrari hit the road in Italy for a hot lap.?It was an Enzo Ferarri, a 12 cylinder 125 S and it set the standard for luxury sports vehicles for years to come.

The company has released a video that is re-creating the first ever time Enzo Ferrari rolled out onto the streets of Italy from the iconic Ferrari garage. The company also published a website dedicated to all the achievements the brand has accomplished over the years of being a heavy-hitter in the automobile industry – which you can view here.

Want to read more about how the company is celebrating 70 years in the business? You can read the whole article here at The Verge.

Or you can view the timeline we put together of the design evolution of the iconic Ferrari.

Ferrari 125 S Enzo 1947
The first Ferrari, the 125 S being tested by Enzo Ferrari in 1947
1950 Red Ferrari
1950 Ferrari looking smooth and modern for the era
1970 Red Ferrari
1970 Ferrari – slowly forming into the modern design we see today
1990 Red Ferrari
In the 1980’s and 1990’s the headlights got a makeover and the design continued to sharp, contemporary design
Ferrari 2000
Now in the 2000’s the Ferrari has evolved into a slimline, contemporary vehicle


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