The future of Bentley has arrived

1:53 am
Bentley concept car 2017 convertible white

Bentley has revealed an electric, luxurious, concept car and it is blowing our minds.

The future of Bentley is most definitely here if this is the direction of design the company is heading. They definitely surprised the crowd with the iced out, snow white convertible. It’s electrifying and elegant all in the same breath. Of course, it resonates with previous Bentleys keeping the classy signature touches and design.

Bentley concept car 2017 convertible whiteSomething that caught our attention, where are the side mirrors? See the iced-out “handles” on the side of the vehicle traditionally where side mirrors are placed? They’re cameras. The future is here everyone – we are buzzzn. It’s high tech, it’s simply stunning, it’s edgy and it’s everything Bentley is all about.

Take a look at the red, luxurious interior in the rest of the article at The Verge where this lucky lad had the chance to take some astonishing photos of this Bentley masterpiece.

Bentley concept car 2017 convertible white


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