Holden Sets Date to Cease Production

12:42 am

The date for Holden to finish production has been set and it?s almost here

So as we?ve known for a while Holden, Australia?s biggest car company for just about 70 years and a representation of the fine engineering and design that this nation can produce, has finally set the date to terminate production as of the 20th of October, 2017.

The termination has been coming closer and closer but we will celebrate the heritage Holden left, including providing good ol? Australian entertainment via the racing and affordable, quality transport at all prices.

But sadly, they did confirm the closing of production and there may even be tears from the eyes of many patriotic Australians similar to when we lost our beloved Vegemite. Not only will they mourn the company loss but 400 Australians will lose their job thanks to the closing in October.

Holden chairman and managing director Mark Bernhard said Holden?s manufacturing workforce had set new benchmarks for quality and performance in the past four years.

?They have continually pushed to improve the quality of their work for the benefit of our customers ? this commitment, continuous improvement attitude and passion have been exhibited in spades in challenging circumstances,? he said.

?It?s not surprising that their skills, work ethic, and flexibility are highly sought after and they are leaving a legacy for Holden that deserves to be honoured by ensuring this company has a bright and successful future.

?Holden continues to change but we are proud to retain a significant presence in Australia for the long-term that includes more than 300 people across our local design and engineering workforces, in addition to the approximately 700 corporate staff and 10,000 people employed across our dealer network. Holden remains committed to Australia and our customers for many, many years to come?.

So, we can still expect the future models to remain present here in our nation and there are many other positive sides to this sad story. Holden has also promised to not lay off any more jobs until the closing as almost 700 employees have left the Elizabeth plant since 2015 and a huge 80 percent transitioned smoothly and successfully. If you?d like to keep reading you can read the entire article here at Go Auto.


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