Josh’s Top 5 ? Best drivers in the world

6:18 am

Hi, guys Josh here! These are my TOP 5 best racing car drivers of all time.

5) I chose Nigel Mansell, legend and winner of Formula One World Championships, Indy cart series, Grand Prix etc eventually entering the international motorsports hall of fame. Being the reigning F1 championship when he moved to cart, becoming the first person to win the cart title in his debut season and making him the only person to hold both titles simultaneously – impressive!

4) Ayrton Senna! Brazilian racer driver legend who won 13 Formula One championships. Unfortunately, he was killed on track while leading the 1994 San Marino Grand Prix. During his career, Senna was one of the most dominating and successful Formula One drivers and many name him as one of the greatest of all time.

3) Dale Earnhardt, known as The Intimidator, he was the premier NASCAR driver of his era. He went on to win 77 Winston Cup Races! Talk about impressive. Unfortunately, Earnhardt did pass away on track at the Daytona International Speedway. He has been inducted into many halls of fame for popularising NASCAR.

2) Number two is?. Michael Schumacher, the German race car driver and 7-time winner of the Formula One and regarded as one of the greatest Formula One drivers of all time. He has broken many, many records but most importantly, the most consecutive podium finishes and according to the Formula One official website, Schumacher is the greatest driver the sport has ever seen, statistically.

1) Drumroll please? Mario Andretti, American-Italian Race Car Legend one of the only two drivers to win races in Formula One, Indy Car, World Sportscar Championship, the NASCAR and many more. Andretti is the only person to be named the United States Driver of the Year in three separate decades! No wonder he?s my number 1 as he dominated any race track!

Thanks for watching and stay tuned for my next, Top 5!


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