What makes James Staniforth from Sunshine Automotive so passionate about Rolls Royce?

8:22 am

The first experience when you walk into the Rolls Royce showroom is the experience of WOW. Rolls Royce is the best of the best. Rolls Royce once put an advert out that Rolls Royce is the Rolls Royce of motor cars. We have these beautiful machines, it’s almost like going to a museum to look at beautiful pieces of art.
You can drop in for a coffee and a 5-minute chat or we can book a 3-hour consultation to build and specify the account. I do have a traveling case that I take with me that has all my samples, all my leathers, all my woods, I can do it at their home or in their business day.

We can build different cars for different people around their specifications. We are encouraging people to come here and look at cars and have fun because that’s what we are all about.

Rolls Royce Queensland:?rolls-roycemotorcars-queensland.com.au



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