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Marketing Consultancy & Strategy

We deliver consulting services for automotive business. We deliver strategic approaches to marketing, with full consideration of potential risks, financial requirements and responsibilities. Furthermore, we utilise metrics, delivering measurable outcomes across the marketing mix and decision making processes.

Our holistic view of marketing ensures that we create a measurable impact that will secure ongoing success. Our consulting process is objective and independent, so our clients receive accurate advice tailored for their specific needs. Our engagement process instils confidence through a clear understanding of the project scope and expectations.


Prior to project commencement, we develop the scope of client requirements, which results in a formal brief to discuss the client?s needs.

We respond to their requirements through a proposal that highlights how we will achieve these goals, as well as the required milestones and timeframes.


The project commences once we have been engaged as consultants. We will undertake stakeholder consultations, as well as internal and external research to gain a holistic picture of their businessand their environment. Qualitative and quantitative market research may be undertaken during this process.

Once the research is compiled and analysed, we present a draft version of our insights with recommendations that reflect the proposed strategic direction. This draft direction is presented in a workshop format where we will seek input into the proposed recommendations from the client.

We will incorporate client feedback to finalise the strategic recommendations, along with a Marketing Action Plan that identifies the required activities, resources and budget allocations to achieve the objectives.

We work collaboratively with the executive team, as well as marketing personnel to ensure there is collective ownership and common agreement on the finalised strategic direction. Strategic marketingis only effective when there is a shared understanding of goals and the required actions.


We can work with the client on an ongoing basis with internal and external teams to manage the effective implementation of the marketing activities.

We ensure that all briefs are written with clarity that ensures the expectations and the understanding of the required outcomes is easily comprehended by all departments.

We measure and evaluate marketing activities performance in accordance with the strategic direction. As consultants, we work with the board and executive team to reinforce marketing governance within a client?s business or organisation.