Matt Mingay, stunt car legend at the Gold Coast 600!

6:09 am

Hey guys here we are at the Gold Coast 600 and with me today I have Matt Mingay Pro Stunt man and very interesting we were just having a chat with Matt off camera and he has an amazing story that he would like to share with you, Matt tell us what you were sharing with us.
– I was just explaining why I talk so weird to start with, I talk weird cause I got no bottom chin, had a massive accident in Detroit 16 weeks ago, where I rolled the whole truck, I had a huge brain injury, my bottom jaw my top jaw and my right hand side, everything is down now so, here I am back in action ready to go again.

And only 16 weeks ago, WOW and you were sharing with us how long is it again until you can get back out onto that track?
– Well, the first of November, I had to try as hard as I could to get on track this weekend but they won?t let me by law so the first of November is my date and with or without a bottom jaw, haha, here I come here I come, balls and all.

Amazing and where can we expect to see you on the first of November?
– I start back with the next round of V8s in Sydney at Homebush Stadium, I?ll be back in my Camaro and Bike and racing stadium trucks by Clipsal next year.

Amazing we?ll keep an eye out, mate so that?s like legitimate one of the most craziest stories I?ve ever heard. But you have to love what you do you must be the epitome of someone just frothing out loving what they they do, to be able to put yourself through harms way, just brush it off and away we go again, so what?s the feeling like now, you still just hungry for it?
– Awe look definitely a hard task to do, I was in a coma for a few days and the first few weeks I remember my whole right hand side was down and ah soon as I was able to walk I was straight out training, training as hard as I could to get back on track again and back in the car and since then I?ve been back in the car, back in the truck to try and get approval, but I can?t get approval yet, but I?m dying to get out there again, I can?t wait.

So the Hot Wheels team and everyone that you?ve got here now, the support must be massive for you, is everyone egging you along just like, you can, you can, or is it holding you back what?s the vibe like?
– Mate it was the support of my fan base which has been absolutely phenomenal, mate it quadrupled in size and my Hot Wheels stunt team and the Castrol Team have been indescribable how helpful they?ve been and running the hole show by themselves even when I was in hospital they?ve been running it, better than could be imagined
Well mate what a legend and I?d love to see you back in one of these soon.


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