Are you going to be the next owner of the 2017 E-Class Coupe Mercedes-Benz

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Mercedes Benz Owner 2017 e-class coupe

Because, who would pass up the opportunity, if given, to be a Mercedes-Benz owner? Let’s be honest, after looking at this review of the 2017 E-Class Coupe, we have to say – we’d love to.

It’s spacious (and not just for a coupe), it’s luxurious and the class and sophistication is pouring out of this vehicle.

So, it is a two-door version of the Mercedes-Benz W213 E-Class Sedan. The E-Coupe is right in the middle of the C and the S. The C-Class would most likely be it’s biggest rival considering it combines many of the same styling and design features. Many people are arguing it’s more similar to the S-Class after a first glance for the simple fact they’re both a two-door.

If you’re not a Mercedes-Benz owner, but adore the design and style of this particular vehicle. Your next best vehicle, in terms of rivals, would be the BMW 4-Series or an Audi A5 – these come with bigger price tags but if you’re that against Mercedes-Benz for any reason at all they are your best bet.

For a coupe, it’s important to say there is a lot of room in this vehicle. The head and knee room alone is fit for 6-footers plus, the design has definitely kept space and luxury in mind. It’s open at the front, this is enhanced with a panoramic sunroof that screams luxury. The wooden dash creates a cosy feeling inside the flashy exterior that is otherwise modern, cool and downright luxe.

Back of Mercedes Benz e-class coupe

Want to know more about the specs of this fantastic new vehicle? Head on over to the review we found on Wheels Mag – here.


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