The Most Powerful Rolls-Royce Ever!

3:11 pm

My first impressions of Black Badge.

When walking up to the vehicle, the car appears to be very, very similar in its feel to the long line of its distinguished predecessors, apart from a black, dark exterior, carbon fibre wheels, and the jet black around the window frames. And it’s only on opening the car door that you see the Spirit of Ecstasy that pops up on the front of the vehicle is now blacked out and given this darker appearance. As you walk around the front of the car you can also see that the front grille, that’s also now taken this darker look.

You open up the door and on entering the car, we’ve still got chrome door handles, a feature you?re used to seeing on a traditional Rolls-Royce, but it just helps to break up the solid black?of the car.

So, I’ve entered the car. I look at the dash; again the dials are very, very similar to what we?re used to, but there is this air of a different darkness to the car. There’s a carbon fibre weave throughout the whole of the dashboard, and there’s this overall aeronautical feel to the car. Feels a lot sportier. You look through the waterfall of the car, and the carbon fibre is all the way through there, and the colours within the car as well. We know it’s a different patterning on the seats. It’s a lot more bright, it’s a lot more vibrant, and upon starting the car you hear this little rumble that you’re not used to hearing. It’s the sports exhaust giving a slightly different tone, and once you rev the accelerator, there is a note there.

So we drop the car into drive with the stalk using the right hand. We pull out away from the driveway, and immediately you’re feeling a gear lower on the car. It actually does have a little bit more urgency to it. And accelerating down the road you’ve still got the magic carpet ride that all Rolls-Royce’s have, but now there’s this subtle aggression to the way that it’s driving. When you’re driving a normal Rolls-Royce, you sit back and you relax and you really do want to take the world slower, but Black Badge inhabits a faster- paced universe.

As you first come up to pressing the brakes, you notice that the stopping power is a little bit more aggressive. The downshifts through the gears, the gear ratios, that also is giving a lot more feedback for the driver, so this is a much more driver-orientated car. And obviously as I’m sitting here now, the starlight ceiling is always a feature within Black Badge Wraith. It’s something you don’t want to miss out on, because it’s very spectacular.


Written by:?James Staniforth

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Image source: Rolls Royce


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