Sunshine Automotive has a new recruit and he loves the McLaren 578

9:53 am

Hi guys, it’s Tiana here from Carbuzzzn and today I have Lee Andrew with me from Sunshine Automotive, and Sunshine Automotive is a sponsor of our Carbuzzzn Live Game down here at the Broadwater Parklands.

I have got some really exciting news, today is actually Lee’s very first day with Sunshine Automotive. So he’s now able to work amoung these amazing automobiles. Tell me, how is your first day treating you?
– It’s a phenomonal time here as you can see, we have beautiful cars here all around. I’m having the best time of my life. It’s a job now, so I’m stoked.
Fantastic, now it must be hard working in such an amazing place with one amazing people, two stunning motor vehicles. I need to know, which is going to be your car of choice!
– My choice is, funnily enough, the red McLaren here, it’s the best car there. It’s my personal favourite. As you can see it’s just a stunner.
Thank you for your time, all the best with your new job!


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