The Carbuzzzn monster truck goes to the GC600

5:18 am

Hey everyone, here today we have a piece of motoring history. Formally owned by the iconic Vic Hislop. This is a custom built GMC Sierra, in every way, shape and form it is proper bonkers. It’s custom paint, custom this, have you ever seen anything like that?
We here at Carbuzzzn have brought this bit of motoring history into our fleet of vehicles. We?re gonna take it to the next level, you think it’s crazy now? We?re gonna lift it, make it a bit more this, a bit more of that and it will become completely Carbuzzzn.

We?ll talk to you again soon at the GC600, living the dream.

-Hey everyone, here we are on the Gold Coast today, at the GC 600 and we are on Tedder Ave. This is the Sunday of the big event and we actually have a bit of a treat for you. This is the Carbuzzzn promo vehicle, this is next level stuff. It’s the big GMC, I don?t know about you but it sounds good, its absolutely ridiculous. Go and have a look at that for us.

That’s right, we got Matty and his boys here today driving this massive thing and it’s good fun.


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