The real heroes of any major event – especially the GC 600!

5:57 am

Here we are at the Gold Coast 600 with the paramedics and ambos!

The real heroes of any event! We wanted to talk to them about their experience at the GC 600.

Such a dynamic crew, keeping everyone safe and in check. So, a little insight into what you are doing here at the Gold Coast 600?
– Thanks very much mate, we are here to do two things. We ensure that the appropriate action is taken to get people where they need to go either the University Hospital or a nearby medical center. Anyone from spectators to drivers – just anyone involved in the event at all.

Definitely, we feel a lot better when we see you guys walking around here. A huge sigh of relief and that?s the truth. It?s awesome to see you guys so dedicated so thank you! Tiana has a quick question for you a bit off topic. Picking on someone at the back, what was your first car? And your most embarrassing moment?
– I had a VB Commodore, it was a 1980 model and I had to push start it each time which was pretty embarrassing!
Excellent, thank you, guys!


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