Tiana catches up with a crew that surely is Carbuzzzn at the Gold Coast 600!

6:07 am

Here we are at the Gold Coast 600 with the CLEM racing team!

So, tell us why are you guys here?
– We are just here to have a good time, enjoy the atmosphere and V8 racing!

Awesome! Who?s your favourite team today?
– We follow the DJR, so best of luck to them today.

Great! So next question, picking on someone in the back – what?s your most embarrassing car moment?
-When my mum crashed my car into my brother’s car!

Oh, so it?s your mums most embarrassing moment?
-Yeah, I guess but it cost me a lot of money! Haha

Haha aw no! Well thanks, guys, enjoy your weekend here at the Gold Coast 600!


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