Tiana chats with the Castrol Girls while at the Gold Coast 600!

5:59 am

Here we are at the Gold Coast 600 with the absolutely stunning Castrol Edge Grid Girls!

So, Chelsea was just telling us a really great embarrassing car story!
-I was actually reversing out my garage and I ripped the whole front panel off the car. I was hungry and rushing, haha. I just went out of it too quick and on a bit of an angle. My mum actually thought I took the roller door out with me. I thought it was just rocks and I was like “what happened?” but I burst into tears once I saw it.

Haha, you must have been hungry! Okay, so you?re obviously here supporting Castrol, what do you love about the Gold Coast 600?
-Just the atmosphere and the buzzz in the air, like everyone is so excited and happy to be here so yeah just the good environment!

Oh, awesome! Do you do this every year?
-Yes, we?ve been doing it a few years. We?ve transferred down to the Gold Coast from Townsville. So it?s really good and it?s so much fun – that?s why we do it, we just love it!

Aw nice! Well, thanks for your time girls, good luck for the rest of the day.


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