Watch Carbuzzzn?s Tiana show you how to check car engine oil

10:29 pm

Hi guys!

Tiana here from Carbuzzzn and I?m going to show you how to check your car engine oil.

1) So, the most important thing to do is pop the bonnet!
Most cars you?ll find the bonnet lever is just below to the right side of the steering wheel
2) Okay, so now that you?ve popped the bonnet, most bonnets you?ll find they have a little lever. Push it up or to the side, depending on your car. The bonnet should then come straight up.
3) Obviously, you can?t stand there holding the bonnet roof up, so you will find there is a little stick that you can use to hold it up for you. A lot of cars you will find it actually comes up from the side. There will be a hole for you to place it in.
4) Please make sure the car has COOLED DOWN before touching any parts in the engine. This may take 10 minutes if you have been driving.
5) Okay, next step is finding the oil gauge. A lot of the time it is located at the back near the windscreen. Usually, it is a little black cap and it has a little oil jug on it which helps you identify what it is.
6) Okay, so what you do need is some paper towel and some oil. It would be handy to keep this in the car in the boot or somewhere handy – but if you are not as organised as me, or if you?re a busy mum, an old rag or a nappy wipe even will do!
7) In terms of oil, there are many types you can buy. We have chosen to use Castrol but have a look around there are many different options out there.
8) Okay, firstly you need to locate something that is called the Dipstick. Now, this can usually be either red or yellow, it?s usually a little stick that is within the engine compartment. It has a little handle on to the top of it – pull that out. BEFORE you pull this out, have your paper towel ready to ensure you don?t get oil all over yourself.
9) So we pull it out, keeping the paper towel nice and close to minimise mess. Looking at the bottom of the stick opposite to the handle is where you will see, does my car need oil? You can see this via the line indicator. For example with this one we have two dots, when it is at the lower dot it means that you need to refill. But before we fill it, we need to get a true reading.
10) To get a clear and true reading, we wipe and clean the Dipstick and pop it back in push it all the way in until it is closed then pull it back out. This will give you a clear reading.
11) If your car does need oil, keep the paper towel and use it to open to cap that has the oil jug pictured on it. Use the paper towel or rag to ensure you don?t get oil on yourself.
12) Turn the latch and pour the oil into the funnel, but do make sure you only do a LITTLE bit at a time to ensure there is no spillage. Check the oil as you go with the Dipstick.
13) After checking with the Dipstick and it is up to the correct line or mark, it is time to pop the oil jug lid back on nice and tight – just enough so you can undo it next time, though!

So that?s how you check and fill your car engine oil, stay tuned for my next car tip.


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