Watch Carbuzzzn?s Tiana show you how to fill up your windshield washer fluid

10:30 pm

Hi, guys!

Tiana here from Carbuzzzn and I?m going to show you how to fill up your windshield washer fluid.

1) So, the most important thing to do is pop the bonnet!
Most cars you?ll find the bonnet lever is just below to the right side of the steering wheel
2) Okay, so now that you?ve popped the bonnet, most bonnets you?ll find they have a little lever. Push it up or to the side, depending on your car. The bonnet should then come straight up.
3) Obviously, you can?t stand there holding the bonnet roof up, so you will find there is a little stick that you can use to hold it up for you. A lot of cars you will find it actually comes up from the side. There will be a hole for you to place it in.
4) So, windshield washer fluid, there are some products you can buy. If you are stuck in the middle of nowhere and you have a filthy windscreen obviously that is dangerous! So you can use a bottle of water, any water will do. Safety comes first.
5) Looking under the bonnet there are some interesting parts, if you?re a female you may only know a few of them. You will see there is a little image of a windscreen and windscreen wipers. Remove that cap. But please make sure the car has COOLED DOWN before touching any parts in the engine. This may take 10 minutes if you have been driving.
6) Next, you need to pour the water straight in.
7) Depending on how empty it is you will be able to see when it becomes full because the water will rise to the top of the funnel.
8) Pop the lid back on and ensure it is on properly and that is done! Now you can clean your windscreen.

So that?s how you change your windscreen wiper fluid, stay tuned for my next car tip.


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