Watch the stunning Rolls-Royce Dawn in VR

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Click on the video below to experience the drive in a Rolls-Royce Dawn:

Here we are, about to enter the track in a Rolls-Royce Dawn. Now the racetrack’s not really a place where people are familiar with Rolls-Royce, but we’re going to prove to you now that Rolls-Royce can certainly hold its own. What you’ll start to notice as I’m driving around this corner is how very stable the Rolls-Royce is. It really handles so well?and then, as we get through the corner, we’re going to punch, if we can, making sure that we look for these corners like we would do in any other race car.

Feel how stable that is through this corner. Now in this car here, we’ve got a 6.6 litre twin turbo V12. This also has a 573 brake horsepower. Currently at the moment, I’ve got the low mode on, and in the low mode this will enable us to use first gear. Touch the brakes, the car slows down. Turning on the brakes, and then we find our point, we’re going to accelerate and feel the power.

So, as you can see it’s certainly a car that can really keep up with anybody. It’s no slouch. I certainly would really enjoy driving this car every day, if you could on a racetrack. All you’ve also got to think about is, this car’s not set up for racetrack, so it means you’re going to chew through a few tyres if you did this on a regular basis, so you probably want a spare set of tyres if you were going to do this. But great fun, really enjoyable, and I certainly would recommend this to anybody.

So thank you for joining me, and I look forward to seeing you again.

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