We Test The Jeep Trackhawk On Track at Norwell Motorplex

2:47 pm

Well, well, well?what can I say about the Grand Cherokee SRT? I was a little bit dumbfounded. I knew it was powerful, I knew it was quick, but something so large, that corners so well, and moves so quickly from A to B with that sound behind it? It stirs up something raw. You feel muscular. That?s what it feels like. You feel like you have presence. You have a sense of power there at your right foot. Ultimately, it gives you so much confidence.

It corners very flatly. It has this 6.4-litre Hemi V-8 that rumbles. It rumbles in a way that though you?re not intentionally trying to give it a little squirt with the gas pedal, you find yourself doing it, just purely for the love and the joy of it. Let?s look at it as a logical decision. It?s a family?people mover. It?s got comfortable seats. It?s leather trimmed. It?s refined. It?s got luxury in it. So, if you?re just cruising, if you?re just cruising, it is just another car. It?s another car. It?s another four-wheel drive. It?s another people mover. It?s just something that you can drive on a day-to-day basis. It?s beautiful. It?s comfortable.

But at the top, it makes me laugh just reminiscing about that. The second you put your foot down, it just stirs something up, and you find yourself doing it again and again and again. It is so much fun, . It is ridiculous in so many ways. Why would you buy it? No, it?s not the most logical decision. If you want a logical, logical decision, you buy a Turbo 4 cylinder, a small SUV that?s going to get the family in there, and you?re going to move from A to B. But if you want something a little bit extra? If you want to live on the edge, and you want to embody something that you?ve always dreamt about? Well, that?s a 6.4-litre Hemi. It gives you that sound; it gives you that feeling. It gives you the practicality. Yes, dare I say, the SRT Grand Cherokee Jeep is practical.

Yes, it is practical. I loved it. I love it in every way, shape, and form and for what it represents. It?s American muscle, perfectly tailored to the Australian market, so if you want something that is a little bit something-something extra? Well, you look at this. It?s something that I would quite happily put my family in. I?d drive from A to B day after day. If you want to take it to the track, you do exactly that. You?re in this big, oversized, ridiculous car, moving from A to B at the rate of knotts, cornering, flat, coming out of the apex with confidence, so that if you put your foot down, you?re not going to kick sideways; it?s just going to drag you around the corner, push you out. It?s going to leave you with a smile on. Happy days.

Thanks to Westpoint Autos for the car?http://www.westpointautos.com.au/

Thanks to Norwell Motorplex for the world class facilities?http://norwellmotorplex.com.au/


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