What is Carbuzzzn?

10:35 pm

So, what?s Carbuzzzn? What gets you buzzzn? The obsession with automobiles.

Driving you to a purpose, to the right direction. It?s everything – it?s all the good stuff. It?s focusing on the good stuff and ignoring the rubbish out there!

What do we like about it? The energy! The passion! When we formed Carbuzzzn, we imagined the person who is obsessed and so passionate about their car – they had sleepless nights. Sleepless nights that turned into ideas about their next car project and building. Their heart and soul. It?s down to the paint, the cup holder, the interior, the motor – everything! It?s someone’s dream that has come true.

Why do we buzzz so much? Our relationship is based on this catalyst. Like a little kid watching their favourite tv show or throwing a ball and suddenly they’re losing their brain! Fundamentally as we get older, it?s the same feeling on a larger, more expensive scale!

Whatever it is you?re doing, if you?re excited, you?re buzzzn.


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